Sunday, June 27

Chilly Commute

It was a few degrees above freezing this morning when I left work and as I wove through the quiet back streets I came across the rare sight of frost on the lawns. (iPhone shots again).

By the time I passed the little creek my body had warmed up, but, I was breathing steam and my knees felt cold each time they tightened against my trousers on the up-pedal.

Crossing the freeway I was beginning to enjoy being toasty warm with a numb nose and a sharp, cold wind against my cheeks.

So, although after 9 hours of night shift I was longing for my bed, I ducked out of waiting for the first train of my commute and headed for the city station to connect with the second train direct.

By the time I was rounding Lake Monger other commuters, runners and some serious lycra-cyclists were out enjoying the chill with me.

I had enough time to stop off in Northbridge for a coffee (more steamy breath) before hopping aboard. The extra miles and my blood tingling with cold gave me one of the yummiest sleeps I've had in weeks. Cold, dry cycling is one of my favourite kinds, especially if there's fresh-ground coffee and bed at the end!

1 comment:

ian... said...

Wow, frost!

That isn't something us Brits associate with Oz.

Totally in sync with your last comment about enjoying cold, dry cycling. Blue skies & fresh air. Bliss ;>)