Thursday, July 15

Cloud Effect

At the end of my shift, heading out into the early morning, I was confronted with a promise of daybreak and clearing showers. With the street lights and headlights still glowing the sun had broken over the hills and reflected in the higher cloud cover. It's mornings like this that I can't help but feel the day is going to go well. It's a good omen reaching out to greet you before you snuggle under the covers. It makes me almost sorry for the motorists heading to work or home. As they commute, do they remember, amid the speed and traffic, to look up and enjoy the moment? With their radios blaring and engines running do they suddenly sense that silent stillness when everything is just as it should be?

Then again, armed with a smashing recipe for Thai chicken, a car-owner would probably still head excitedly to the grocery store for the ingredients despite seeing the blustering tree tops and grey skies. I, on the other hand, suddenly developed a craving for beans on toast. I know there's a tin somewhere at the back of my pantry!

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