Sunday, August 15

No Rack Land

I took a trip to the Mall. It doesn't matter which Mall. The same franchises are in them all, along with 'Megaplex' cinemas and food halls. 'The Mall' is not somewhere I choose to go very often, but, when I'm after a gift voucher from one of the said franchises, I'm not left with a great deal of choice.

I can never find the bike racks. They must be out of plain sight and located a good distance from the popular entrances, which makes sense, as it's probably assumed cyclists like using their legs. Car parking though, ya got as much as ya want, including the bays on the roof with the shade sails.

Now, about those bike racks??? I guess one problem might be the inaccurate preconceptions held about just who is cycling these days. Children cycle, low-income adults cycle, adults who have lost their driving license cycle, and penniless students cycle. However, adults with low overheads and a wad of disposable income also cycle . . . by choice. . . in bigger and bigger numbers. We really don't need a shade sail, just a few sturdy 'U' racks in a high pedestrian area within sight of an entrance would be great, (I'll just keep dreaming in my sleep about lockable cages).


slow rpm said...

Apologies BB. Bit slow on the uptake and have only just discovered your wonderful blog. Recently we visited the Australian beach head of the American juggernaught ,Costco, in Docklands,Melbourne. Acres and acres of asphalt with nary a bike rack in sight. Half a star from me. Hilariously, I over heard someone describe us as 'pretentious wankers'!!! ie, we were riding 40 year old pushies instead of driving a massive 4WD. 3 cheers for the great Aussie bogan car culture.Full parking update shortly on the Slow RPM blog.cheers~ian

BB said...

Thanks Ian. I think it proves anywhere with acres of asphalt is best avoided (at the risk of sounding a pretentious wanker :D).

knit nurse said...

Good to know that there are some 'pretentious wankers' out there in Auz keeping the cycling vibe going, against all the odds! Of course we can all just enjoy a smug smile since we know the real joy of travelling by bike!