Saturday, March 10


It's been a challenging couple of weeks for this techno-grouch. First, there was the upgrading of my mobile phone and, not being savvy enough to know how to sync my contacts, a ridiculous amount of time spent typing on a pixie-size touch screen. Nothing in life has made me question the value of my friendships more than this exercise. I went for quality over quantity and culled ruthlessly. It was either that or go blind.

Then the laptop stopped talking to me. I tried bribing it with roast chicken, which always works with the beagle, to no avail. A friend who works in IT informed me it was 'Cactus'. This is apparently highly technical computer jargon for, "If you are not young and pretty enough to sell your body, you are going to have to take out a second mortgage." I am going to have to take out a second mortgage.

Having investigated the options of blogging by smoke signal or carrier pigeon and finding them to be non-starters, I am left with the android tablet as my only avenue of virtual communication, (otherwise referred to as 'the pill'). I never envisaged my stumpy fingers having to come to terms with a touch screen and it's best I don't  even get started on how NOT compatible Blogger is with this device. Hence the air of slightly cranky concentration reflected in the train window. Buckle up, this could be a bumpy ride!


anniebikes said...

Ugh. Typing on a touch screen? I couldn't do it. My posts would be one paragraph long... You could resort to typing on a library computer, though I realize it's not exactly private or as restful as typing in your own home.

BB said...

It could well prove more restful than the touch screen. I'll ask the lovely librarians at my local if they mind my uploading images. Thanks for the suggestion Annie. Actually leaving comments seems to have the most gremlins at the moment.

ian... said...

Hiya BB!

I was a bit slow on the uptake with the photo - I spent a while trying to spot the camera...ah ha...the tablet...doh

Shame about your laptop but I'm surprised about Android being faffy with Blogger considering they're both from the same company. Damn you Google!

Have you tried a dedicated App for blogger?

BB said...

Hi Ian, it took a while to work out how to take snaps for the blog whilst unable to upload from the DSLR or mobile direct. As you say, doh . . . tablet (and emailing from the mobile).

I'm currently finding my best bet is using the normal blogger dashboard, mobile blogger and an app called Bloggeroid. They all seem to have their gremlins. Dashboard post edit is horrific. The cursor just won't behave. Trying to get labels to stick in Bloggeroid is a nightmare and I'm not even going to start on image download, formatting and positioning. I really should learn more about that 'HTML' stuff. :-)

I'm hoping as tablet use becomes more the norm Google will address some of the complications. But, most of all, I hope that I'll have a computer back in a few months, so 'the pill' can go back to quietly browsing, e-mailling and streaming concerts!