Wednesday, August 8

Hols@Home: Ferry Ride

Normally, when I cross the river I cycle over using one of 3 bridges, the Graham Farmer, the Causeway or the Narrows. However, in holiday mode, I decided to do something I haven't done since childhood and take the ferry. It was free, as I'd already paid for a train ticket. (The bike is transported for free anyway, the same as on the trains.)

The Surly looked as though it was travelling first class, having the whole of the 4-bay bike area to itself.

It was interesting seeing the city and South Perth foreshore from a different perspective and I really enjoyed the trip on the boat. I don't think it's the last time the Surly and I will take to the water.

Mind you following the shoreline has it's compensations. After picking up my book from the delightful Mill Point Book Cafe and with the drizzle transforming into sunshine, I enjoyed the pootle home across (or, rather, underneath) the bridge.


Brenda in the Boro said...

I just love going on ferries . We always used to cross the Tyne on a ferry in the old days when I was a child. I loved the smell that came from the engine room. It's not the same now though. I think they may have used coal to power the engines then.
Loved your photos. It's great to see something on the other side of the world. Thanks

BB said...

I love photos from other people's everyday rides in different countries too Brenda :-)

The little ferry ride has given me an appetite for heading across to an island called Rottonest with the bike by ferry. Something else I haven't done in years.

anniebikes said...

So good to see that you have a ferry in your neck of the woods.

BB said...

Annie, it is a quick way for families to get to the zoo from the city. What was also good was hearing the children enjoying the ferry ride and being excited about seeing the animals. The older I get the more I appreciate seeing people just enjoying the simple things :-)

Vicki said...

That looks like a great outing for the day. The ferry we have here goes across the harbour and the ride on it is only 5 minutes so it's hardly worth going, Sydney has spectacular ferry rides though, and the zoo there can be reached by ferry.

BB said...

In all honesty Vicki, this was a short ride too. Which is why I normally cycle, but, it seemed like a holiday thing to do as the weather was drizzly. :-)